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Click here to view our extensive portfolio, all wines and whiskies being our own stock in Hong Kong and carefully sourced from around the world

High Resolution Photos

High resolution photos (members only)

A lot of our wines are old vintages - it's normal that they are not in pristine condition. Become a member to view more high resolution photos when exploring our wine portfolio.

Review purchases

Review purchase

Regardless of your member status, after making a purchase you can review photos of each bottle. If you are not satisfied with the condition please contact us for other wine options.



Our weekday cut-off time is 3pm. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Union Pay. Apart from bank transfer, all the other payment methods will be charged a small fee at checkout.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping

We offer free next workday delivery from Monday to Friday for purchases of any 3 bottles or over HK$10,000. Your bottles will be delivered in a temperature-controlled vehicle, directly to your door step, office, hotel or restaurant.

International Shipping

International Shipping

Delivery is available worldwide via DHL at a very competitive rate. Please ensure you understand the regulations on taxes, duties and license requirement (if any) before placing an order with us.

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We consider the conditions under which fine wine is stored to be of utmost importance. Our storage facilities and procedures are consciously-designed to promote:

storage feature 1

Temperature and humidity control with remote digital alert system

storage feature 2

Round-the-clock security surveillance system

storage feature 3

Each bottle is barcoded to ensure check-in and picking accuracy

storage feature 4

Use of multi-angled photographs to ensure description fits actual bottle and label conditions

storage feature 5

Managed and operated by a team of dedicated and highly trained staff

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