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We buy your wines outright

You may email us with your list of wines for a complimentary appraisal. This is depending on market situation, as well as the condition of the wines such as origin and storage proof. Unless the wines were purchased on release, otherwise all the wines will undergo an inspection made by the team. We will pay promptly afterwards.

Consigment basis Consigment basis illustration

Consignment basis

If the wines are originally purchased from us and still in our storage, we can consign them with a 15% commission.

No hidden fees

Prompt payment no hidden fees

Unlike at auction, when you work with us, we give you a guaranteed price up-front with no extra or hidden fees. You don't have to wait sometimes for months to take your money back.

You'll have peace of mind knowing that once your collection has been inspected and verified, prompt payment (no longer than 3 work days) will be issued via wire transfer or cheque.

Wide range

We buy from a wide range

We know that in many cases you want to offload an entire parcel, and we are happy to take them, as long as it meets our condition requirement.

Most merchants would offer to buy the most “popular” wines only, leaving you with the less desirable ones left in your cellar.

Expert valuation

Expert valuation

We have a team of expert analysts who will conduct extensive research to assess the value of your collection based on market conditions to get you the most competitive prices possible. We'll devise a selling strategy to suit your individual needs.

Either way, our team will find the most efficient way to sell your collection.

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