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Harlan Estate the Maiden 2001

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Classic Harlan style, in terms of ripeness, volatile acidity, gorgeous structure, if not at the plush levels of the estate wine. The wine is certainly feeling developed, but the ripeness of the fruit is still totally apparent. The lifted nose, chocolate and plum aromas is first class, and the jammy palate is given some lift by the thick tannins. With the wrong food, this could come across as less than transparent, but for its style this has stunning breed. It retains the essence of earthy Cabernet, while explore the limits of acceptable ripeness in a, a classic Harlan - not for everyone, but it is certain,y complex! Ageing well, in a high alcohol, ripe fruit manner, but for its style it should continue to develop in interesting ways. Aged balsamic notes are a lovely nuance.

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